LS-Q1 Pro: L-SHINE’s High Performance Hunting Camera

LS-Q1 Pro: High Performance Hunting Camera from L-SHINE

Hunting cameras are one of the most important tools for modern hunters and wildlife researchers. They can capture stunning photos and videos without disturbing the wildlife, and L-SHINE’s LS-Q1 Pro is a highly sought-after hunting camera with a range of powerful specification parameters and features that offer exceptional performance and convenience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Brand Background: L-SHINE
Before we get into the specifications of the LS-Q1 Pro, let’s first take a look at the manufacturer of this hunting camera, L-SHINE, a company that specialises in outdoor photography and hunting equipment, and is known for their high-quality products. They are dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts with reliable tools to better explore nature and document their adventures.

Image and Video Performance
The LS-Q1 Pro stands out for its excellent image and video performance. Here are its key specs:

The camera comes with a 5-megapixel HD optical sensor capable of capturing crisp, detailed images.

Its lens has an F/NO=2.8 aperture and a 45° field of view (FOV) to capture a wider picture so you won’t miss a moment.

Video Resolution
The LS-Q1 Pro supports 4K video with a resolution of 3840×2160. in addition, it can also record at lower resolutions such as 1920×1080@60fps, 1280×720@60fps and 640×360@60fps. This allows users to choose different video quality according to their actual needs.

Video Length and Compression
Users are free to choose the length of the video, ranging from 1 second to 60 seconds. In addition, the camera uses H.264 video compression standard to ensure high quality video recording and storage.

Photo Resolution
For photos, the LS-Q1 Pro offers a wide range of resolution options, including 32 MP, 20 MP, 16 MP, 8 MP and 5 MP. this allows users to choose the best resolution for their shooting needs.

Photo Mode
In addition to the photo mode, the camera also supports video and photo + video functions, ensuring that users can capture a diverse range of content.

Timestamp and Information
The LS-Q1 Pro allows you to add timestamps and information to pictures and videos, including brand logos, camera name, time and date, battery level, temperature, and latitude and longitude information, which helps to better organise and manage captured content.

Audio performance
This camera also features excellent audio performance, including a built-in microphone that captures sounds from the natural environment. This is useful for recording the sounds of wildlife or ambient sound effects around you.

Trigger and alarm performance
The LS-Q1 Pro’s PIR (Passive Infrared Sensing) technology allows it to perform well in terms of triggering speed and sensing distance. Below are the relevant parameters:

PIR Trigger Speed
The camera’s PIR triggering speed is extremely fast, less than 0.15 seconds, ensuring that the moment of truth is captured instantly.

PIR Trigger Sensing Distance
With a PIR sensing distance of 25 metres, the camera is able to cover a wide area and capture more activities.

L-SHINE’s LS-Q1 Pro is a powerful and capable hunting camera. Its HD sensor, multiple resolution options, 4K video recording, PIR triggering technology, and built-in microphone make it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and wildlife researchers. Not only that, but it also features wireless outdoor WiFi connectivity, allowing users to remotely monitor and instantly view images and videos for outdoor adventures. Whether it is used for hunting, wildlife monitoring or outdoor photography, the LS-Q1 Pro is an excellent tool that will provide users with a superior shooting experience and hunting success.


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