L-SIHNE Trail Camera Ls-188 Wifi Reviews

One Of The Only True Wifi Trail Cameras On The Market, The LS-188 Trail Camera Does An Excellent Job Of Taking And Sending High-quality Photos Over Your Existing WiFi Connection. Despite Its Limited Detection Range And Battery Life, The Image Quality Is Excellent, And The Camera Has A Well-designed Housing.

Send Pictures Over An Existing WiFi Connection
Excellent Image Quality
Well Designed Casing

Detection Range Is Limited
Battery Life Is Below Average

Image Quality
Photo Resolution: 30 Mpxl (interpolated)
Video Resolution: 1920 X 1080 With Audio
Flash Type: No Glow Infrared
Daytime Photo Quality Is Excellent, With Good Sharpness, Depth And Focus. Nighttime Photos Also Perform Well, With Good Flash Range, Sharpness And Contrast, Making Them Ideal For Security And Wildlife Monitoring.

Battery Life
Picture And Video Static Power (on): 1.73 MW
Image Day/Night Power Consumption: 49.59 MW | 52.45 Gas
Using A Lithium Battery, It Can Last For 2.2 Months If You Take Photos And Videos Every Day.

Detection Circuit
Image Trigger And Resume Speed: 0.35 Seconds. | 44.9 Seconds.
Detection Range And Angle: 60 Feet @ 48.2° Detection Angle (42.5° Field Of View)
Trigger Is Fast And Recovery Is As Expected. Detection Range And Angle Are Slightly Limited, But Still Adequate In Most Situations.

Design Quality
Dimensions: 14.6 Inches X 12 Inches X 8 Inches
Battery Type: 8 AA
External Battery Jack: 12 Volts
The FLX’s Housing Design Is Very Rugged And Has The Feel Of A Typical Trail Camera. Both The Latch And Battery Tray Operate Smoothly, And There Are Threaded Inserts On The Bottom Of The Camera For Easy Installation.

In Conclusion
Overall, The LS-188 Trail Camera Performs Well In Terms Of Image Quality And Sending Photos Over WiFi. Despite Its Limited Detection Range And Battery Life, It’s Still A Camera Worth Recommending In Most Situations, Especially For Users Who Need Remote Monitoring.

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