L-SHINE Q1PRIO Outdoor Hunting Camera Manuals

L-SHINE Q1PRIO Outdoor Hunting Camera Manuals

Welcome to the L-SHINE Q1PRIO Outdoor Hunting Camera! Designed for outdoor hunting enthusiasts, this camera offers excellent image quality, high-speed continuous shooting and a variety of useful features. Before you start using it, please read this manual carefully to ensure that you can fully utilize the performance of the camera.

Basic Operation

  1. Power on and off: Long press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on or off the camera.
  2. Photo mode selection: Select “P”, “A”, “S” or “M” mode on the camera mode knob. Mode.
  3. Photo: Press the shutter release button to take a picture, or touch the screen to focus and then tap the screen to take a picture. 4.
  4. Record: Press the Record button to start recording, press it again to stop recording. 5. Play: Press the Play button to play.
  5. Playback: Press the Playback button to choose to playback photos or videos, or insert the memory card into the camera to playback automatically.

Shooting Tips

  1. Manual Focus: In manual mode, use the focus ring to adjust the lens sharpness.
  2. Aperture Priority Mode: In P mode, use the dial wheel to select the aperture size.
  3. Shutter Priority Mode: In S mode, use the dial wheel to select the shutter speed.
  4. Program Auto Exposure Mode: In P mode, use the jog wheel to select the scene mode.
  5. White Balance Setting: Enter the Setup menu and select the White Balance option for adjustment.
  6. ISO Setting: Enter the Setting menu and select the ISO sensitivity option for adjustment.


  1. Please understand the limitations and precautions of the camera before use.
  2. Protect the camera when using it in high or low temperatures, humidity, dusty environments, etc. 3.
  3. Do not charge the battery by placing it in a fire or heater. 4.
  4. Do not leave the battery in the charger for a long time to charge.
  5. If you have any problems or questions, please contact the after-sales service center or professional maintenance personnel for handling.


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