L-SHINE LS-Q1 Pro Hunting Camera: Performance and Parameters Explained

The L-SHINE LS-Q1 Pro is a hunting camera from the L-SHINE brand that combines high-definition photography, video recording and passive infrared triggering. It has been widely praised by users for its outstanding performance, easy operation and excellent durability. In this article, the specifications of L-SHINE LS-Q1 Pro hunting camera will be analysed in detail.

I. Product Description

The L-SHINE LS-Q1 Pro hunting camera is a high-performance camera designed for hunting, outdoor adventure and wildlife observation. It supports high-definition photography and video recording, and thanks to its infrared sensor, it allows users to shoot in low-light or no-light environments.

Product Features

HD Sensor and Lens
The L-SHINE LS-Q1 Pro is equipped with a 5-megapixel HD optical sensor and an infrared lens with F/NO=2.8 and FOV (Field of View)=45°. This configuration provides users with clear, vivid photos and videos.

The video resolution is up to 4K, or 3840×2160 pixels, which is capable of rendering excellent HD video. A wide range of other resolutions such as 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×360, etc. are also supported for a variety of different needs.

High-megapixel photo mode
The camera has a photo mode of up to 32MP, which can take 32MP photos. In addition, it also supports 20MP, 16MP, 8MP and 5MP shooting modes to meet users’ shooting needs in different scenarios.

Multiple Shooting Modes
The L-SHINE LS-Q1 Pro supports three modes: photo, video and photo+video, which can meet users’ needs in different scenes. Whether it is a still scene or a moving animal, all can be recorded with high quality images and videos by this camera.

Timestamp function
This camera also supports adding timestamp function to images and videos, including brand logo, camera name, time & date, battery level, temperature, latitude and longitude, and other information. This provides users with a more comprehensive information recording function, which is convenient for subsequent management and searching.

Third, the use of experience

The operation of L-SHINE LS-Q1 Pro is very simple and intuitive. Users can take photos, record videos and switch on/off the camera by simply pressing the buttons. Meanwhile, its compact design and light weight make it easy to carry and suitable for long time handheld use.

Technical Parameters

Although this camera does not have a display, users can view the captured images by connecting it to a smartphone or computer. In addition, it supports a variety of image formats, including JPEG, PNG and BMP. These formats can reduce the file size while maintaining the quality of the picture, making it easy to store and transfer.

V. Summary

The L-SHINE LS-Q1 Pro Hunting Camera has won wide acclaim from users for its excellent performance and convenient operation. Whether in terms of photo quality or video effect, it performs well in a variety of environmental conditions. In addition, its unique timestamp function provides users with a more comprehensive way of recording. If you are looking for a high-performance, full-featured and easy-to-carry hunting camera, the L-SHINE LS-Q1 Pro is certainly an option worth considering.


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