A capable camera is undoubtedly our right-hand man when it comes to photographing wildlife in the great outdoors. However, when the camera fails, our mood will be affected. In this article, we will share some common troubleshooting and solutions with you with the keyword “hunting camera won’t turn on”.

Battery problems

  1. Insufficient battery power: Make sure the camera battery is fully charged or replace it with a new one. 2.
  2. poor battery contact: check whether there is dirt or corrosion at the battery contact points, if necessary, please clean or replace the battery.
  3. Faulty charger: Try replacing the charger for charging, or use another device to try to charge the camera.

Camera hardware problems

  1. Switch failure: Check if the camera’s switch is working properly, if there is any problem, please seek professional repair.
  2. Sensor failure: If the camera does not start properly, the sensor may be damaged. It is recommended to seek professional repair.
  3. Memory card failure: Try to replace the memory card with another one for shooting, or insert the memory card into other devices to test if it works.

System Software Problems

  1. Firmware Upgrade: Check whether the camera needs to be upgraded with firmware, if so, please follow the instructions for upgrading.
  2. Restore Factory Settings: If none of the above methods solves the problem, you can try to restore the camera to its factory settings. Be careful to backup your photos and data before restoring the factory settings.

Other Reasons

  1. Environmental factors: High temperature, low temperature, humidity and other harsh environments may cause the camera to malfunction. Try to avoid using the camera in unsuitable environments.
  2. Human damage: Avoid excessive pressure or improper operation on the camera to avoid hardware damage.

Summarize: When encountering the problem of hunting camera won’t turn on, we can investigate from the battery, hardware, system software and other aspects. If the problem still can not be solved, it is recommended to seek professional help. At the same time, regular care and maintenance of the camera can effectively extend the service life of the camera and improve the shooting effect.


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